19 Words That Grab Attention – Are You Using Them?

Paint an Attention Grabbing Headline With Powerful Words



No matter how good your content may be, if no one clicks through no one will read it… That’s why you need the power of a sensational headline that drives traffic and gets people to click!

Today you must balance two needs – Keywords for SEO while being creative and standing out from the crowd. Your headline needs to be captivating or you won’t get the traffic you crave.

Sensational headlines need to use powerful words that grab your attention, this can often happen subconsciously by triggering certain reactions to certain words in our brains, remember subliminal advertising?

Here are 19 words that are proven to work:


1. Secret


Everybody desires to find out a “Secret”, it’s a relatively well-known fact that making use of words like “Secret” promote the thought of intrigue and exclusivity inside the mind of the reader.

Example: Secrets to Making Money Easily

2. Unbelievable

Sparks our intuitive nature, we want to know exactly what’s “Unbelievable”.

Example: These Are The 25 Most Unbelievable Places On Earth. If You Haven’t Seen Them, Go Now.

3. Now

We all want things faster and “now” suggests urgency.

Example: Where Are 2 Million Americans Right Now?

4. Easy

Most people want to make their lives easier, why would we want something that’s difficult? Placing “Easy” in your headline suggests what you are offering requires less effort and therefore is preferable.

Example: 25 Easy Tips for Scoring Your Dream Job In Your Twenties

5. This

When you use “This” in your headline you are signifying something specific with instant information.

Example: This Is How You Overtake in Style

6. Amazing


Everyone wants to be amazed, it’s part of our nature, and by using “Amazing” in your headline you’re going to get more click-throughs. This one word is seen time and time again but if it’s not broke don’t fix it, it’s there for a reason it ignites the excitement within.

Example: Touching Strangers – An Amazing Example of Human Kindness

7. How To

How many people want to learn how to do things? From repairing their car to cooking a fabulous meal, if you have “How To” in your headline it leads the reader to believe they have found the answer.

Example: How to Take a Screenshot

8. Discover

The word “Discover” is an awesome word to include in your headlines due to its tendency to generate excitement in the mind of the reader.

Example: “Discover” How to Get Anywhere

9. You & Your

By using words like “You” and “Your” in your headline you are speaking directly to the reader and they feel that what you are offering or saying applies directly to them.

Example: How to Tell If a Girl Likes “You”

10. Exclusive


By using the word “Exclusive” you are purporting exclusivity. We all want to feel like we are special and that we are getting our hands on something that others are unaware of.

Example: Get Your Yamaha “Exclusive” Card Now

11. Bargain

When you use “Bargain” in your title you have a word that stands out and has been used for centuries to lure people into their shops, it’s no different in the online world, everyone loves a Bargain.

Example: Home Bargains – Discount Toys, Home, Garden & More

12. Numbers or List Posts

When people see “Numbers” they know exactly what they are getting, when your headline says “5 Reasons to Get out of Bed in the Morning” you know you are going to get 5 reasons to get out of bed, make no mistake “Numbers” are very effective. You only have to make a quick search to see how many searches bring up “Numbers” in the headlines.

Example: 25 Good Reasons for Leaving a Job


While we are on the subject of numbers it’s a fact that odd numbers produce better results than even ones, we are strange us humans but it’s true, there is a whole host of Numbers/List Posts information here.

13. Why

“Why” is one of those words that when spoken can be confrontational if used in the wrong context or situation, not so in the online world where “Why” can be a powerful ally. It is used to promote an answer and not ask a question.

Example: Here’s Why your bagged salad is a food poisoning risk

14. People

By placing “People” in your headline, you spark people’s curiosity, why are people fascinated with Facebook? Because they want to satisfy their curiosity about what others are up to. When you have a headline like “Find out Why 100’s of “People” are flocking to take advantage of this Amazing offer” you’re dramatically increasing your chances of more click-throughs.

15. Announcing

By utilizing the word “Announcing” you are conjuring up thoughts in the reader’s mind that you are introducing something new, exciting and important into their world.

Example: Announcing the First in a Series of Exclusive Headline Writing Rules Webinar

16. Startling


“Startling” triggers our naturally strong inquisitive side, curiosity drawing us into a headline that promises intrigue and answers.

Example: Startling Horse Profiles – Get Amazing Results with Our System

17.Which/When/ What

These 3 little words all little diamonds as they relate to questions that can be used to pre-answer, giving the reader the feeling that they have found the answer they are searching for.

Examples: “Which” is the best PS4 Game? – Click Now for Our Top 100

“When” Is Black Friday And Where Can I Get the Best Bargains?

What” do I Need to Do Lose Weight? – Announcing Our Amazing Weight Loss Program

18. New

We see the word “New” everywhere and although it’s old hat it still works like “New” (pardon the pun).

Example: 15 reasons why people bought the new iPhone


Everyone wants the facts, we want to be told the truth. Facts also ignite our curiosity as we are interested in finding out about new things.

Example: 99 secret “Facts” that everyone should know!

Final Thoughts

Writing Headlines is tough to get right, you must think about how you’re going to fit your Keyword or Keywords into it without it sounding odd.

There are so many theories about how many characters you should use, what numbers to choose etc. Many are proven facts, I have listed below the ones that you should try and use within your own headlines:

# Use one or more of the 19 words listed above.

# Numbered lists work, statistically, the best number to use is 25 (see here for more information) but if 25 doesn’t work for you just make sure it’s an odd number.

# Be specific, people want to know what they are getting when they click so make sure you include the benefits.

# Remember your writing for real people and not to just trying to climb up Google’s rankings.

# When someone clicks-through make sure what they are getting is what you promised in your headline, otherwise guess what? They’re gone in a flash.

 You’re Probably Wondering Why I used 19 in My Headline and Not 25?

I was just curious if anyone would notice, and I wasn’t going to add another 6 words just for the sheer hell of it…….lol

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